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According to a custom followed in the Kashi Math, after Swamiji passes away, the mortal remains of the departed Swamiji are buried in the earth after suitably embalming the body with preservatives – salt, camphor, heaps of Tulsi leaves etc. – usually in the Math premises or in temples associated with the Math. Subsequently, a memorial structure is constructed over the site and an idol of Lord Hanuman is installed. A sacred Tulsi plant is then planted in front of the idol, the underlying principle being that the soul of the departed Swamiji reaches Lord Hari (supposed to have his divine presence near a Tulsi plant), through Mukhya Prana (Hanuman). The entire place is known as the Vrindavana or Samadhi of the Swamiji. Arrangements are made for the daily pujas in the Vrindavana and the Punya Tithi (death anniversary) of the Swamiji is duly celebrated with special pujas and prayers and Abhishekam to the Hanuman idol for his blessing to the Matha Samsthan and its followers.

sukratindra thirtha 
Vrindavan of H.H Sukratindra Thirtha Swamiji at Cochin Thirumala Devaswom

 bhuvanendra thirtha

Vrindavan of H.H Bhuvanendra Thirtha Swamiji at Basrur

vibhudendra thirtha

Vrindavan of H.H Vibhudendra Thirtha Swamiji at Manjeshwar

varadendra thirtha

Vrindavan of H.H Varadendra Thirtha Swamiji at Walkeshwar


Vrindavan of H.H Vasudendra Thirtha Swamiji at Manjeshwar

yadavendra 2

Vrindavan of H.H Yadavendra Thirtha Swamiji || at Hemmady

devendra thirtha

Vrindavan of H.H Devendra Thirtha Swamiji at Bantwal

keshavendra thirtha

Vrindavan of H.H Keshavendra Thirtha Swamiji at Basrur


Vrindavan of H.H Madhavendra Thirtha Swamiji at Walkeshwar









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