Once, Swami Madhavendra Thirtha told his close

disciples that He was thinking of taking a

Shishya. They searched and found a very virtuous

young boy who was a renunciate, expert in the

Vedas and Madhwa Shastra. Shrimath

Madhavendra Thirtha Swamiji initiated him into

Sanyasa and gave the name SRI JNANENDRA

THIRTHA. People in all the towns heard the good

news about the Shishya Jnanendra Thirtha. One

early morning Madhavendra Thirtha commanded

the Shishya to go to Kashi (Varanasi) to protect

the Moola Math which had been illegally occupied

by others. Sri Jnanendra Thirtha heard Guru, took

some disciples and left for Kashi (Varanasi).

Some wicked people had taken land of the Kashi

Math at Varanasi. Sri Jnanendra Thirtha got it

back with the power of his Penance. He stayed in

Kashi for a long time. He studied scriptural

precepts and accomplished the power of

knowledge. Savayi Ishwar Singh, the king of

Kashi, always had the desire to be associated

with virtuous people. When he heard the fame of

Swami Jnanendra Thirtha, the king went to the

Math and surrendered to Him with devotion.

When Jnanendra Thirtha heard that Shrimath

Madhavendra Thirtha Swamiji was not well He

immediately left Kashi and reached Nashik by the

grace of Sri Vyasa Raghupati. He visited the

famous temple of Lord Rama, Trayambaka

(famous pilgrimage centre) and visited Kusha

Vartha; the ‘Tirtha’ is sacred in Kusha Vartha.

Jnanendra Thirtha meditated in Pancha Vati (Lord

Rama did penance in this holy place) and forgot

Himself. The life span of SRI JNANENDRA

THIRTHA was over and He attained Maha

Samadhi in Nashik. His Samadhi is situated in

the Premises of Nashik Shri Kashi Math.