Shrimath Madhavendra Thirtha became the

seventh head of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan

after the passing away of the earlier His

GuruShrimath Devendra Thirtha Swamiji in

Bantwal. Sri Madhavendra Thirtha was very

handsome, beautiful, a great renunciate and best

devotee free from attachments. His mastery of

knowledge had spread all over India. He had

installed the principal idol in Shri Bindu Madhava

Temple in the Moola Math Premises in Vanarasi.

When he reached the bank of the River Varada,

He searched for a nice place to live. He selected a

town and called it Gurupur (Gurpur). He installed

Lord Varadaraja and Venkatesh in the temple as

he chanted PanchaSooktas(The Pancha Sooktas

are: -Purnsha Sooktam: hymn to the Supreme

Being. -Narayana Sooktam: hymn to Narayana,

who is the Supreme Bramhan, the Supreme

Reality, the Supreme Light, the Supreme Self, the

Supreme Meditator, and the Supreme Object of

Meditation. -Sri Sooktam’, hymn to Sri or the

Goddess of Prosperity or Lakshmi. -Durga

Sooktam: hymn to Goddess Durga who is of the

color of Agni (Fire), who blazes with her tapas

(spiritual fire). -Devi Sooktam: hymn to Devi, the

Queen of the Universe, who gives wealth to those

who worship Her. Devi is the all-knowing one and

the prime one among the worshippable deities.

She enters many bodies as the Aatma (soul or

spirit). Devi Sooktam is liked most by Devi and

hence, it is chanted by thousands of wise men

every day. ) and did Abhisheka (a holy bath to

idols). Swamiji prayed to the Lord with folding

hands, “Oh Lord! Your presence must be always

here in Gurpur.

The relevant Pratishtha Shloka is as follows:

पूर्व श्रीमधवेम्द्रैगुर्ररुपुर निवसद्गौडसारस्वताख्यैः |

सिद्धिप्रैः कारिते फाल्गुणीतट विलसद गर्भग्रहे

प्रतिष्ठा ||


श्री व्यासरामार्चनरतमुदितैः सुप्रसन्नौः क्रताभुत् |

सौव्यान्नः श्रीधरित्री सहित

वरदराजः सदा दीननाथः ||

Poorva Shri Madhavendrai Gurupure

Nivasadgoudasaraswathakhowh |

Sidwiprai Karate Phalgunithata Vilasad Garbha

Grihe Prathishta ||

Yasya Shri Vyasaramachandrantamuditai

Suprasannow Kratabhut |

Sovyannah Shridharitri Sahita Varadarajah Sadaa

Deenanatha ||

Every day in the evening Deepa Namaskar

Shlokas are recited in the temple. One of them

refers to the installation of the idols of the Lords

by the Swamiji:

श्रीमाधवेंद्र यतिनाथ कृत परथिष्ठा |

ब्रह्मादिदेव वरवंदितपादपीठ ||

भासवसिद्धिचित्र मणिभूषित सत्कलाप |

श्रिमन्महा वरदराज नमोस्तुते ||

Shri Madhavendra Yatinatha Krita Prathishta |

Brahmadideva Varavanditapaadapitha ||

Bhasavasiddhichitra Manibhooshita Satkalaapa |

Shrimanmaha Varadaraja Namostute ||

The temple in Gurupur was installed in some time

about 1742.The Swamiji had also expanded the

Moola Math in Vanarasi.

One, Sri Rama Kamath (follower of Kashi Math)

was a high ranking official of the British in

Bombay (now Mumbai) city. He had once had

been to Kashi to invite Sri Madhavendra Thirtha

Swamiji to Bombay. When reached the pilgrim

centre Bana Ganga in Walkeshwar, He founded

the Walkeshwar Shri Kashi Math at Mumbai on

the land gifted by Rama Kamath and lived there

for a long time. Every day he had his holy bath in

Bana Ganga, worshipped Lord Sri Vyasa and

Raghupathi, and studied the scriptures. He was

able to perfect absorption of thought into the one

object of meditation. His body was like fire but

the mind was innocent like a child. His heart was

the abode of Lord Vyasa and He was healthy.

Earlier, the Swamiji had initiated two vatus into

sanyasa and named them as Shrimath Jnanendra

Thirtha and Shrimath Yadavendra Thirtha III.

Since both these Shishya-Swamijis passed away,

while the Guru Swamiji was still alive (outside the

Vrindavana), he initiated a third one into sanyasa

and called him Shrimath Upendra Thirtha II.

After thus ensuring the continuation of the Guru

Parampara of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan,

Madhavendra Thirtha Swamiji entered the

Samadhi, while still alive on Shravana Shuddha

Panchami (Nagara Panchami) of Manmath

Samvatsara, Sh. Sh. 1667 corresponding to

Tuesday, 1st August 1775. Shri Vadiraja Tirtha of

Sonda, Shri Raghavendra Tirtha of Mantralaya

and Sri Madhavendra Thirtha of Shree Kashi Math

Samsthan in Walkeshwar are perhaps the only

three Madhwa personages who have entered the

Vrindavana alive . It is believed by the devotees

that these great men are still living in the

Samadhi and grant all the wishes of the devotees

who seek refuge in them. The Jeevantha Samadhi

of Shree Madhavendra Thirtha Swamiji is located

in Walkeshwar Shri Kashi Math.


Several Instances to prove the Sanidhya of H.H

at their Vrindavan have taken place:

A miracle is associated with this Vrindavan in

Walkeshwar. It is said that till Date, the sound of

the wooden Padhukas of the Swamiji walking

towards and from the lake lying in front of the

Math buildings could be heard. It is said that

Shrimath Sukratindra Thirtha Swamiji had heard

such sounds many a time. On one specific

occasion, when Shrimath Sukratindra Thirtha was

camping in Walkeshwar, he was on the way to

take bath early in the morning, and he saw some

tapasvi (Shrimath Madhavendra Thirtha) walking

towards the lake with wooden Padhukas on. He

had heard the sound of the Padhukas. This was

reported by him to his Shishya-Swami (Sri

Sudhindra Thirtha), who have narrated this event.

On another occassion, someone by name of

Narasimha Bhat (then Archak at Suratkal Shri

Kashi Math) of Mulki (Karnataka) wanted to test

the divine presence of Sri Swamiji by the side of

the Vrindavan in Walkeshwar. One night he slept

on the raised portion in front of the Vrindavan

and blocked the way which Shrimath

Madhavendra Thirtha would follow to go to the

lake. Next morning he was found to lie below the

steps by the side of the Tulsi plant, without a

single scratch on his body, as if someone had

carefully lifted him while he was asleep and laid

him on the ground by the side of the Tulsi plant

and cleared the way, which was earlier blocked

by him. From that day onwards he believed in the

perpetual presence of the Swamiji in the

Vrindavana. He believed that the Swamiji himself

lifted him and laid him on the floor. It is the belief

of the devotees that if they pray in front of the

Vrindavana of the Swamiji, the Swamiji would

definitely grant the wish. When Shrimath

Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji was camping in

Walkeshwar Shri Kashi Math, a few unemployed

youths took refuge in the Swamiji and described

their plight. The Swamiji suggested a solution –

“Bow every day in front of the Vrindavana of

Shrimath Madhavendra Thirtha Swamiji and

perform any seva. Your wishes will be granted”.

They did accordingly and they did get suitable

employment within a short time.

One who performs an Abhisheka (ablution, a holy

bath to idols) of tender coconuts to His

Vrindavan will get rid of all their sufferings.